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Monday, May 25, 2009

da right path?guess so...

hurm..supposedly i posted this on 18th May but due to freaking laziness only now i post it.Anyway on last 18th May,i attended an interview in UM.I applied for Education course in UPSI.Since i've passed the Medsi test conducted last month in KMM,I need to attend an interview which is conducted basically to see how determine you are on being an educator.I call it educator as for me there is a thin line which seperate between teacher and educator.Educators career prospect and responsibilities are way too different.TEACHER =TEACH her..while EDUCATOR=EDUCATE herizn't he cute?haha..

..haha..maybe u didnt see any clear pictures that can relate this with what am i trying to focus on..ngeh ngeh..Teach means you will only teach the students all the topics included in the syllabus But educator on the other hand are responsible in teaching the students and at the same time educate them meaning that its not just let them understand the content in the syllabus but most importantly educate them to implement it in their daily life and with huge hope it would turn them to be a better person.That is why i strongly believe that a teacher is an educator.Hurm..people keep on asking me why am i so eager to be an educator?as if there is no other career that i can involved in.Their eyebrows would lift up whenever they knew that i want to be an educator.Some of them would also make their weird face upon hearing it.My answer is simple."i just love it".Ya..i could not deny the fact that i keeps on changing my ambition..haha..since i was in my primary school until never be the went off as the time goes by and my interest were also changed.Experience that i went through make me realize what i exzactly want.It finally brings me to the final decision..insyaALLAH..

I am a person who enjoys talking and motivate others,that is why i guess i should use all the gifts from Allah as wisely as possible.n that would be the reason why i want to get involve in this profession..Everybody frequently claimed that as B.O.R.I.N.G. but as long as i enjoy doing it,i dont think so their negative perceptions should be considered.Even my parents have no problem with that.hurm..whats more ya?i guess that should be enough for now..

i am eppy cuz:
i finally understand my needs and dream

i am devastated cuz:
there's a lot of people out there who still think teaching is an outdated career


dell~ said...

gud luck!

effa_dila said...

thanx dell..mmuax..

fatin nazihah ashari said...

epa.xcellent la english ko.
nak bguru bole?huhu
tula kan..ramai pandg rndh profsion guru.
tnpe guru,sapela diorg?
i wanna be an educator too.insyaAllah ;)

crixerity said...

wawaawaaa...sonoknya jadi cikgu..huhu
siapa cakap orang pandang rendah bidang ni?
hebat kot!!

effa_dila said...

jiha..daku x hebat la..yup..gudluck 2 ya babe!

volpok..ramai yg pikir camtu..

Syairazi said...

aq respect ckgu2 ku..
mak aq pn ckgu..

effa_dila said...

huhu..thanx syai..:)