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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Dosa Semalam


Menghitung hari
Detik demi detik
Masa kunanti apakan ada
Jalan cerita kisah yang panjang
Menghitung hari

Ya, aku di sini. Menghitung hari. detik demi detik berlalu, jarang sekali aku cuba duduk dan renung. Masih adakah jaminan bahawa esok itu pasti. Masih adakah yakin bahawa esok derap jantungku masih bisa kedengaran.

masa kunanti apakan ada? acapkali kata taubat itu aku ucapkan. Namun benarkah hati mengiya? acapkali kurasa ibadahku sempurna. Namun kekalkah ia? bodoh sombongnya diri.

kau tahu tak kau tak sempurna? syukurlah kau masih bernyawa. bukan tiket untuk hanya mengecap bahagia dunia yang ratanya membumi lagha. syukurlah Dia kasihi kau sepenuhnya, memberi ruang untuk kau menyuci dosa semalam.

Subhanallah, Indahnya Ramadhan. Terima Kasih Ya Allah.

Aku pohon padaMu, tetapkanlah insaf ini.

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Sunday, August 14, 2011

diary oh diary


I bet everyone has had a diary where they kept all super P&C secrets inside it. some have had it nicely wrapped and decorated while like me, I had it simple and to say that it was pretty hideous with messy-like handwritings. what matters is the content! I started writing in my diary since I was in Form 3. that was hell 6 years back! and tonight I reopened it. i laughed my heart out, golek-golek tahan sakit perut. NONSENSE.

one thing for sure, i have tried to improve my English competency since that year, I could still read my English-written contents in the diary. withh full of grammatical errors. who cares! good job, the sweet 15 y.o effa! 

majorly i wrote about my current feelings, my silly arguments with friends n family, my cinta monyet. OHMAIGOD. I did write about my cinta monyet. I was literally blushed reading them all again just now. literally too, i laughed my heart out. that was ridiculous. being a girl school’s student myself, i still have had my own lovey-dovey-mangkuk-ayun-monyet love story. CORRECTION. storiessss. LOL. 

i am thankful for those experiences (friends, puppy love, achievements etc) I had back in school years. it turned me to be who I am today. a person who appreciates every single second of breathing. Ya Allah, thank you! Thank you that all the stories ended with nothing but a realization that true love is only for HIM. 

p/s: Now I know, the hobby of sneaking into my bedroom, locking off the door and blanketing myself just to pour every bit of feeling I had on several days starting on 2005 had eventually made my night on 2011. funny!

Monday, August 8, 2011

FOOD REVIEW: Jombali again!!


Yeah, what's with the 'again'? Indeed, you are right. I went to Jombali again. AGAIN. This time around with my 4 school besties for Iftar or buka puasa. Well, if I could share here, I did review about this restaurant before. I personally thought that my second visit would lead me to the almost similar's second review with the first one. I was doubting when my friend suggested to have our iftar here but surprisingly, NO. I could see several significant changes especially through their food and drinks. They finally show the customers why they should be visited not once, more than once possibly! You don't believe me? judge this Nasi Goreng Ayam ordered's photo. The left one is taken from my first visit while last night's is on the right.

I've told ya!  Come, let me share with you what other delicacies we have ordered and indulged in last night.

The waiter was first placed a medium-sized plate of few dates on it on our table. How generous.


 then we ordered these.

from the left: Tauhu Bakar (RM5.90), Drinks: Ribena Longan (RM4.90), Lemon Grass Tea (RM5.90), Bandung Sago (RM4.50), Kantonis Fried Sang Mee (RM10.90), Rojak Buah (RM5.90). Not in the picture: Soya Cincau (RM 3.90)

from left: Chicken Chop Black Pepper (RM13.90), Nasi Kuning Ayam Berempah (RM8.50), Nasi Kebuli Supreme (RM14.90), Nasi Goreng Ayam (RM8.90)

Ohmai. I tell you what, the food were abundant. We could hardly finish it because they gave us such generous quantity of food, I must say. But thanks to the deliciousness of them, we managed to indulge thoroughly in into them and smiled broadly for we were so full and happy. :) True satisfaction.

Here's my extra review on several dishes that I would highly suggest you to try if you happen to visit this restaurant.


price: RM5.90
comment: there's a reason why I first-listed this. This was our flavor of the night! super yummy. The bean curd is perfectly tosted. With generous amount of vegetables stuffed in it. It is also drizzled with roasted peanuts on top. What adds up the deliciousness? the thick sauce. Ohmai! it is simply delicious
  rating: 9/10


price: RM14.90
comment: super filling! it fills your tummy to the max. with the special rice and spiced chicken, sambal telur, papaddom and vegetable acar. What else can you utter other than super filling. I've read several reviews before and yeah, they preferably made sure this was one of the menus listed on their order list.
rating: 8/10

Jombali Kantonis Fried Sang Mee

price: RM10.90
comment: the gravy is thick and smooth. The noodle is soft and it goes really well with the gravy. The garnishes are sufficient with fish cakes, fried shallot, coriander, lettuce, egg and chicken flesh. 
rating: 8/10

Chicken Chop Black Pepper

price: RM13.90
comment: Still, it is as good as before. Still I recommend this as how I first recommended on my first review from my first visit to Jombali. The chicken is tender inside and crispy outside even though it has been poured with the thick and light black pepper sauce. The outer part of the chicken remains crispy! with french fries, coleslow, cucumber and tomato served along with it, it is just perfect and yeah, abundance! It was perfect for me who loves to share my food because, without sharing it with my friend last night, I merely was able to finish it. LOL.
rating: 9/10

oh..if I could sneak-peeked the distinction between the taste and look of this chicken chop from my first visit and the second's:

the left is from my first visit where they used crinkle french fries. and the right one is  my meal last night. AWESOME!


environment( 75%)
taste (85%)
price (75%)

wow!they have increased from my first rating here:

Jombali First Review

oh ya..thanks a lot for this, autographed Jalan-Jalan Cari Makan book by the famous TV3 host, Mqria Tunku Sabri. Awesome!

sorry for the shocking blue-ish background. that's the wall. LOL.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

ouh. what not to love about being a sister?


Happy Ramadhan everyone. Today is the second day of not only curbing oneself from eating and drinking but much vitally, to seek for His forgiveness, devoting our full heart and soul to Him. <3

Today, I would like to share the incident happened few weeks back. Should I call it incident? Reckon so. Well, it all began when I realized that I misplaced my notebook a.k.a laptop in my own house (pathetic enough?) naah, I bet some of you had the exact same experience before. might it involved other gadgets or stuff like handphones or even your remote control. don't deny. 

I was really messed up that very day (I am not, most of the times. do believe me, peeps.). Small thing like searching for the notebook seemed so hard. 

To get more annoyed when my 12 years old little brother who isn't that little kept on smiling when I asked him whether or not he did see it somewhere. Before I managed to enter my room in an attempt to locate for the notebook, I saw something pasted on my room's door. 

OHMAI!!!! off course I know whose job was that.

"Aziq!!!!!!", I screamed my lung out (hiperbola habis)

Did he show any mercy look? any guilty look? No, instead, he laughed loudly and said calmly, 


Yeah, I had to, in order to get my notebook back, I followed his so-called treasure hunt. HAIH. =_='



another one

another next


not enough? next

argh! when would it end?


got my notebook back but seriously got no idea with what sort of feeling should I have at that very moment.

ouh...what not to love of being a sister.