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Thursday, July 30, 2009



when we hope it gets better,it turns to be worse.. i guess there are lots of hikmah on wat happened is the most appropriate time for us to look deeply on wat we have done upon our own earth..which caused us this severe is true..we did not hope for troubles to interfere our life but without we realized,our actions are the one which bring us to be engulfed with this kind of situation.maybe we,as a human did not appreciate enough those things blessed to us.Instead,we create disaster and acted foolishly by neglecting the needs to be grateful of what ALLAH had given us.

in UPSI here,we are allowed to have a week break because they are afraid this severe illness will spread more going back tonight with josephine and khairil,my classmates.hope everything will be alright and nothing bad would the time being,i think it's better to start packing my stuffs and ready to experience another long journey with ktm train..AGAIN!!3 times in a row..haiya..

im eppy cuz:
i'm still healthy and could perform my daily chores

im devastated cuz:
there r still lots of people out there who didn't alert with H1N1!!!wear ur mask people!!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

updates needed!!!


as what u can see..updates needed!syaiNGAL..ok..i'll update's not that i have no

enough time to update my just that i'm quite's not's more to

really,very,damn lazy..lalalala~

want to share something with the readers..

we commonly used this kind of word when speaking or writing..

it is so hot today..

that girl is so pretty..

it is so nice to see you here..

what am i trying to focus on here is the usage of the word SO..

we frequently use it to show intensify..or easier to is used to intense some

word..but..according to Mr Bala,the word SO is usually being used with another word,THAT..

it goes like..


for instance,
she gives him a plastic bag so that he can use it to fill in the packets.

thus,by now..we should alert on this.use SO with THAT and try to avoid from using SO to

intense a word.instead,use any other intensifiers such as very,really and so on.

i guess it is enough till works to do..i'll update later on if i have anything to share..thanx

for reading..:)

im eppy cuz:
today josephine n kak hani served me with lots of delicacies

im devastated cuz:
my complexion is getting malim is really hot..

Monday, July 20, 2009 thing settled..another thing approach..


more assignments awaits..i wish i have da power to stop this..haha..but i know..i have to face with it for the whole 8 semesters no matter how i hated it so much..lalalala.. still fighting with my flu..(again..not H1NI!)..rmb ya syairazi da vulga family..not H1N1..

something happened today in my listening and speaking class ..Mr. Bala asked us to play a game..Basically..that was a game where we need to create a story..and others will continue it..i was the second last person who need to complete the story..

someone started the story with something about the bombing issues in jakarta..and when it comes to the person who sat before was changed to another story which was one of her neighbour got killed by a bombing turn had finally arrived..

with full of confidence,enthusiasm and self-esteem..i said these aloud..

"Suddenly..i heard another voice..i wondered..wat was da voice?few minutes later..i felt something..someone SHAKED me..then only i realized that..."

and the last person,josphine continue it..

"was a dream.."

what am i trying to highlight here is the mistake that i did..SHAKED!SHAKED!SHAKED!where on earth that kind of word exist?haiya..i guess i was shaking on that time..or i dreamed of drinking milkshake..

Mr Bala could only smile sinically upon hearing that..n my classmates were laughing and having their best time thinking about the mistakes i did..haha..

Mr Bala said.."i definitely will not buy your books if this is the matter how.."and he laughed..

we were so eager laughing over it..and at the same time..still listening to Mr. Bala comment..

"all of you should use simple english when it comes to speaking.."

that's true..those native speaker were also used simple english when speaking..but..when it comes to writing..then only it is applicable to use those bombastic words..

My classmates couldn't stop themselves from laughing over the not-so-silly-but-childish story..
and they keep on repeating the word.."Suddenly"..haha..
but we did have fun..this kind of games actually do help us on examining our ability in speaking and perhaps..we could improve our fluency with it.. thinking of going back to kl this weekend..AGAIN!!hihi..but is because my sister gonna come back to of hangout with her n abg krol..yeah.. group members and i will have a discussion pertaining the presentation for sahsiah's class tomorrow..

so..that's it for now..chiow..

i'm eppy cuz:
i learned a lot today..

im devastated cuz:
my flu is getting worse..

Friday, July 17, 2009

going back in pain?


hurm..sore throat..hua..painful started my listening n speaking class..i thought it was only normal as i always experienced that kind of to tally's getting worse need to attend the olahraga class this evening..haiya..

think of going back tonight..y must b tonight?everybody were asking me the same question.. i would say that's bcuz..saje2..hehe..

tomorrow i want to go shopping..need to find suitable attire for the TESL Night. the theme is "all white with a splash of blue"
i'll try to find the attire which suits with it..

hurm.. i need strepsils or any sore throat reliever badly!!

im eppy cuz:
goin back to kl tonight

im devastated cuz:
fever attack!!(not H1N1 ok!)

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

pagi yang indah


supposedly..i need to attend 3 hours lecture this morning..but pertaining to some has been cancelled..and today..i'm totally free!!wink*wink*

so..what should i do?

a)stay at home..sleep..

b)going out to town

c)do nothing..

and i chose to....go to Upsi today..eventho i dun have any lecture to attend..but i need to go to the library to get some books,journals and informations which will be used in da assignments later on.. housemate,josephine(i called her fin),n i will get on da 10 am bus n heading to 4 da books n journals,go to HEP,go to BitaraSiswa to hand in our medical report then....wait for my dad..he told me that he will come happy!!hihi..

so..for the time being..i guess..i want to start my assignment..just try to flip through pages here and

im happy cuz:

my dad gonna come today n promised to treat me lunch :)

im devastated cuz:

i need to start doing the assignments..hihi..

Saturday, July 4, 2009

new hope..


UPSI...high salutation..

akhirnya..done with orientation day..hectic..fatigue..tired..those are the words which could resembles the real feeling i had..haha..but that was all fun!! 28 jun 2009..bergerak dr kl ke tg malim perak pd pukul 7 pg lg..bcuz im supposed to rgister at 10.30 am. i need to arrive early so that my papa wont face troubles on parking n others.. arrived at R&R seremban.. jom sarapan! wah!!!ramai giler polis..semuanya polis dr umah aku..penuh tmpat mkn tuh ngan polis..rase mcm ada dkat kantin polis..haha..n terjumpa juga ramai bebudak yg nk ke UPSI gak..semuanya mmg nmpk beretika..nk jd cikgu la katakan..hihi.. hurm..sempat la mencekik nasi lemak n yong tau fu..pergh!penuh perut.. pjalanan diteruskan..beberapa minit kemudian..smpai juga ke tpat pdataran..kolej harun aminurrashid..a place where i'll be staying for a year..since it is still early..around 9.30 am..we decided to look around the area..wah..byk giler kdai mkn..gemok le daku..dari kdai mknn melayu hinggalah restoran western food..sederet..hihi..kemudahan cukup la kirenye..dpan blok umah aku..ada kedai alat komputer,kdai baju n kasut sukan,kdai alat tulis,kdai fotostat..etc..

kolej harun house!

hurm..akhirnya smpai juga giliran untuk mendaftar.. pergh..lama giler prosedur..daftar nama,ambil gmbar,bayar yuran,ambil kunci rumah,ambil baju batik,baju sukan,barang2 minggu suai kenal.berpeluh jugala..tapi akhirnya.,.beres!! next my house!aku dpat duduk kat apartment 10 tingkat..n aku dpt tingkat 7..pergh..nasib baik ade lif..haha..rumah aku cantik la juga..satu umh ade 4 bilik n satu bilik ade 2 org..pmandangan sgt cantik kalu dilihat dr beranda umah aku..bleyh nmpak bukit bukau..pokok2..even stesen KTM pun boleh nmpak..hihi.. setelah mengangkut barangan ke dlam umah..tiba masanya mengucapkan slamat tggal kpd family..hua..x suke!!!ayah buat aku menangis..he hugged me for so long n kissed my forehead..sambil berkata.."angah blajar betul2 ya..","kalau ada masalah duit,gtau ayah n ibu.."..ibu pun buat aku nangis juga..even i've promised to myself not to cry..huahua~~~ hurm..orientasi ataupun lebih dikenali sbg minggu suai kenal bakal bermula mlm nnti..

peristiwa di minggu suai kenal

*28 jun 2009*
~mkn mlm..
~taklimat kolej ~supper ~tido
*29 jun 2009*

~sarapan ~taklimat hal ehwal pelajar ~lunch ~taklimat aku janji ~pdaftaran universiti ~dinner ~poco2,aktiviti ldk.
*30 jun 2009*
~sarapan ~bersama MPP ~taklimat akademik ~bersama fakulti n jabatan ~lunch ~jalan2 sekitar uni ~dinner ~latihan drama( utk pertandingan)
*1 julai 2009*

~sarapan ~ceramah mahasiswa berkualiti peneraju negara ~pendaftaran kursus(best3!!! the lecturers,dr,prof n prof madya are juz sooooooooooooo coool!!) ~lunch ~taklimat pelan integriti nasional ~ikrar pelajar ~dinner ~mlm suka!!
*2 julai 2009*

~taklimat ptptn ~taklimat kokurikulum ~aktiviti bersama fasi ~lunch ~aktiviti bersama fasi ~ptandingan drama(my group won da grand prize!!)
~dinner ~D.O.N.E!!!!(end...)

sepanjang minggu suai kenal ni..mmg bebudak kos aku paling havoc..abg2 n kakak2 fasi slalu aim kitaorg..sikit2.."TESL ok?","TESL boleh?"..n mmg byk dpt perhatian..ade satu waktu tu..abg ni ambil gmbar kitaorg..n dia tanye.."ni course ape?" jwbla.." "TESL.."lalu dgn spontannya dia jwb.."patutlah hyperactive.."hua~ambik ko sebijik! hurm..aku juga diberitahu oleh ketua jabatan bahawa tahun ni ade disediakan tawaran ke korea utk pelajar TESL yang cemerlang..jadi..itu akan jadi aim aku slpas ini..insyaALLAH..smoga semjuanya bjalan lancar..insyaALLAH..ayah n ibu nk dtg ari!!rindu nk mkn nasi lemak yg ibu buat..

im eppy bcuz:
i've almost hit the goal..being a uni student

im devastated bcuz:
nothing 2 feel devastating for...