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Sunday, March 20, 2011



I am feeling down. reason being? naah, need not to  mention here I guess. People might treat the reason of this feeling as nothing but an absurdity. Yeah, it has something to do with my unwell feeling which has been almost 3 weeks already. Wish me well again, peeps. InsyaALLAH.  ;) here is my thoughts about this feeling. Hope you understand.

that history kills me
it doubts my affirmation
it puzzles my certainty
it assassinates my faith.

I learn through life
how fate works
how destiny foretells
how possibilities fluctuate.

I now am sitting here
witnessing the downpour
sensing the presence of hope
while hardly gasping for air

I want to see them laugh
I want to hide the pain
I know I could
I know they would

but who am I to foresee
a servant of God
a slave of hesitation
barely I,would be able

that history teaches me
life is full of surprise
you might eager to rummage the mess
but clearly would hate the truth

cry as you may
for tomorrow dubiously promises you
eternal happiness
yet hope is there.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

I'm sick


Yeah.. I've been sick for almost 2 weeks now and yeah again, it is badddddddddddddd...I reckon this is just a test. anyways, I've prepared a dessert. Wanna know what is it? check this out.. 


 it's a mocha mousse. NOT mickey mouse ya. what mousse is?



 check my recipe blog if u wanna try:


Sunday, March 6, 2011 course I'm nervous.


Nervous?am I? YES..I AM! hey2, who said that I have no stage fright? who said that I dont even know what 'cuak' is? who said that because I did participate in several on-stage competitions before, I have no problem speaking or acting in public (especially when abundance of people are looking straight into my eyes). NO! I do have stage fright.

What is this all about? yeah, tomorrow, my university will be organizing a conference, English language Conference to be exact. It will last until Wednesday. The great thing about this conference is that, Prof. Rod Ellis will be coming as well. He will be giving his talk too. I bet most of you have no idea who Rod Ellis is. He is one of the acknowledged professors in Second language Acquisition, having tremendous experiences in English Language field. So, for a TESL student like me, having to see him in person is such an honor.

oh ya..speaking about the nervousness I have. Tomorrow, I'll be joining few others to recite a poem for the opening ceremony of the conference. I went to the full rehearsal just now in the conference room at B.E Learning building in UPSI.  Oh my.. it was really huge. I wont bluff, it was a little freaky to realize that I will be performing in front of the paperwork presenters from all over Malaysia who will be fighting their best to present their paperwork before they receive their doctorates., the Vice Chancellor who will be responsible for the opening ceremony, and Rod Ellis himself. 

I'll be reciting a poem by Omar Noor, My Clever Pupils together with my two seniors, Sanjay and kak Zak and my two classmates, Jaja and Shiknesvary. Besides that, we will also be combining with 10 students of 13 years old from Methodist School. The plan is that, they will recite a poem dedicated to teachers. Once they are done with it, they'll stay on the stage and we (the teachers) will reply the poem by reciting ours which is dedicated to them (the students.) It is really a heart-touching performance if it is done whole-heartedly, insyaALLAH. 

Soon after that, five of us will be joining few more others to chair the conference. Each of us will be assigned into each conference room(small rooms) and we'll be having to introduce the presenters and their topics. you know, the usual chairpersons job. I dare not to imagine what will I have to face tomorrow. Hoping for the best, prepare for the worst.

you know what makes thing worse now? I am now sorta fighting with minor sore throat which will be worse enough if I neglect to do something about it. HAIYA~ 

it's okay, I hope everything will go well. with pray and hard work, I can endure em. insyaALLAH.

Oh ya, today, I had kuey teow again for my lunch. Rummaging the fridge and I found quite handful of uncooked kuey teow. So, I came out with a new recipe, "Dazzling Thick Hot and Spicy Kuey Teow". HAHA.  

want the recipe?check it out here:

wish me luck ya for tomorrow ya!

cooking again


Why do I think that most of my entries here talked about food and cooking? Am I that obsessed towards both of 'em? PROBABLY. People might find that this i weird but I do believe that cooking is the best therapy. I mean, I am not really into eating actually (I know you would totally doubt this) but just by swooshing into the kitchen, cutting the vegetable, slicing the shallots, pounding sambal belacan, listening to the sizzling of the ingredients after they are thrown into the super hot pan; are just satisfying enough. :)

so yesterday I've prepared two dishes. 

1. Char Kuey Teow (CTK) for dinner


2. jemput-jemput ikan bilis with home made sauce for high tea

about the CTK, I was expecting that the flame would've been blazed like the ones I always witness whenever I buy CTK from the stall. But, didn't happen so. LOL. Reason being, the stove I used wasn't the adjustable ones, I mean, yeah..I could still adjust it but it is of limited adjustment. But, no worries, the CTK was still been made. :) are the results:

jemput-jemput ikan bilis with home made sauce

home made char kuey teow

If you would like to try the CTK, visit here:


If you would like to know how to prepare the sauce for jemput-jemput which can also be used for chicken rice sauce and cucur udang's sauce, visit here:


for those who have yet to follow that blog, http://kelentangkelentungkualiku.blogspot (my recipe's blog), do follow ya, who knows, u may help me, suggesting the next dishes to prepare.  :)