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Sunday, August 14, 2011

diary oh diary


I bet everyone has had a diary where they kept all super P&C secrets inside it. some have had it nicely wrapped and decorated while like me, I had it simple and to say that it was pretty hideous with messy-like handwritings. what matters is the content! I started writing in my diary since I was in Form 3. that was hell 6 years back! and tonight I reopened it. i laughed my heart out, golek-golek tahan sakit perut. NONSENSE.

one thing for sure, i have tried to improve my English competency since that year, I could still read my English-written contents in the diary. withh full of grammatical errors. who cares! good job, the sweet 15 y.o effa! 

majorly i wrote about my current feelings, my silly arguments with friends n family, my cinta monyet. OHMAIGOD. I did write about my cinta monyet. I was literally blushed reading them all again just now. literally too, i laughed my heart out. that was ridiculous. being a girl school’s student myself, i still have had my own lovey-dovey-mangkuk-ayun-monyet love story. CORRECTION. storiessss. LOL. 

i am thankful for those experiences (friends, puppy love, achievements etc) I had back in school years. it turned me to be who I am today. a person who appreciates every single second of breathing. Ya Allah, thank you! Thank you that all the stories ended with nothing but a realization that true love is only for HIM. 

p/s: Now I know, the hobby of sneaking into my bedroom, locking off the door and blanketing myself just to pour every bit of feeling I had on several days starting on 2005 had eventually made my night on 2011. funny!

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