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Friday, April 23, 2010



YEAH..obviously it's been ages since i scribbled my super sengal thoughts u know, (in case u don't know..let me tell u) on finals..what final?final football exam for my second semester here in UPSI where i'm doing my degree in it?hurm..i've been sitting for 2 university papers so far..Communicative English and was it? ok la.. (typical answer from me) I said.. "it was it depends on the lecturers whether or not to give me A for that" ..haha

well..I have no exam today and yesterday.but tomorrow..the engine needS to be started off again..the fuel needs to be refilled. Writing Skills paper on the go..hit it bebeyh..yeah..everybody was asking to me why my status in Facebook sounded absurd..crappy lil things has been remarked explains clearly that I am not in a normal stage..haha..quite absurd..quite UNSTABLE..

drakula pemakan jeruk merah mencari mangsenye.."otak..otak..otak..".. buat bekalan ke Taman U untuk exam writing skill esok.. "otak..otak..otak.." ..kesengetankesejukankecekodokankesengalankebebrokan..i love monkey..monkey is cute..cute..cute..yeehauu..areba..areba..

still..I will go through each and every path calmly and gracefully..

that's all for now..gotta get back to my study table..flip few pages of the books and sleep..I mean.. nap.. haha..see ya on semester's break where God willingly, I will update more stories..wish me luck for my exam..insyaALLAH..:)


syahmi said...

Goodluck for final :)

effa_dila said...

thanx syahmi..urs starts today aite?how was it dude?