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Sunday, March 20, 2011



I am feeling down. reason being? naah, need not to  mention here I guess. People might treat the reason of this feeling as nothing but an absurdity. Yeah, it has something to do with my unwell feeling which has been almost 3 weeks already. Wish me well again, peeps. InsyaALLAH.  ;) here is my thoughts about this feeling. Hope you understand.

that history kills me
it doubts my affirmation
it puzzles my certainty
it assassinates my faith.

I learn through life
how fate works
how destiny foretells
how possibilities fluctuate.

I now am sitting here
witnessing the downpour
sensing the presence of hope
while hardly gasping for air

I want to see them laugh
I want to hide the pain
I know I could
I know they would

but who am I to foresee
a servant of God
a slave of hesitation
barely I,would be able

that history teaches me
life is full of surprise
you might eager to rummage the mess
but clearly would hate the truth

cry as you may
for tomorrow dubiously promises you
eternal happiness
yet hope is there.

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panda putih said...

good luck epa. sy rindu anda