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Sunday, March 6, 2011

cooking again


Why do I think that most of my entries here talked about food and cooking? Am I that obsessed towards both of 'em? PROBABLY. People might find that this i weird but I do believe that cooking is the best therapy. I mean, I am not really into eating actually (I know you would totally doubt this) but just by swooshing into the kitchen, cutting the vegetable, slicing the shallots, pounding sambal belacan, listening to the sizzling of the ingredients after they are thrown into the super hot pan; are just satisfying enough. :)

so yesterday I've prepared two dishes. 

1. Char Kuey Teow (CTK) for dinner


2. jemput-jemput ikan bilis with home made sauce for high tea

about the CTK, I was expecting that the flame would've been blazed like the ones I always witness whenever I buy CTK from the stall. But, didn't happen so. LOL. Reason being, the stove I used wasn't the adjustable ones, I mean, yeah..I could still adjust it but it is of limited adjustment. But, no worries, the CTK was still been made. :) are the results:

jemput-jemput ikan bilis with home made sauce

home made char kuey teow

If you would like to try the CTK, visit here:


If you would like to know how to prepare the sauce for jemput-jemput which can also be used for chicken rice sauce and cucur udang's sauce, visit here:


for those who have yet to follow that blog, http://kelentangkelentungkualiku.blogspot (my recipe's blog), do follow ya, who knows, u may help me, suggesting the next dishes to prepare.  :)


sya said...

ok.i am hungry. hahaa. cayalah epa, dah boleh kena pinang ni... hehe

effa_dila said...

haha. lawaklah syat. kamu la kawen dulu. nnt try la buat ek babe. give it to ur frens ke.hee :)