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Monday, August 10, 2009

experiment succeed!!!


when u guys read the title..u must be wondering..what experiment i've conducted? wasn't really an experiment bcuz there were no lab apparatus was actually an experiment on macarony n cheese..i've been planned to try making it since few months ago..but..only few days ago i have the chance to make's share..(mind telling you guys..this is not actually the original version of macaroni n cheese but this one is more to fusion version(haha..fusion ke?)..ok..let's start..

these are the ingredients u'll need..
*sorry for da hideous picture..(this was taken after i finished cooking..)*

*hero of the day..macaroni*

u'll need..

1.macaroni(any brand will do)
2.cheddar cheese(2 slices)
5.puree tomato(canned)
6.dried chilli(blended)
8.water(to boil the macarony)
12.oregano(to be sprinkled on top of the macaroni n cheese)

how to do it?here are the steps..

1.boil the macaroni in a pot for about 10 minutes..(don't overcook it..)n plz rmember to add in a lil bit of oil n salt..once it is boiled,strain it and put it aside..

now..prepare the gravy..(which will be fried with the boiled macarony)

1.sautee' the onions and garlics,add in meat or chicken..
2.add in the blended dried chilli..
3.add in about 2 or 3 spoons of puree tomato..
4.let it simmer for a while..
5.add in salt,pepper,seasoning and if u like..u can add in chilli sauce,tomato sauce n sugar too..
6.let it cook for a while..and then..u add in the boiled macaroni..
stir it well..
7.turn off the fire..
8.add in 2 slices of cheddar cheese..let it melts..


if u like it,u can eat this macaroni n cheese with mashed potato too..

the final result...

*yummy...cheesy n spicy..lalalala* it..then u'll noe how the taste like..till we meet again..dadadadada....


nyet... said...

asek pasal mknan jek.
tak penah smpai pn kt perut ni.

effa_dila said...

haha...nk ke?
bg alamat..nnt sy pos..

Syairazi said...

jom barter ngan aq..
kau bg makaroni..
aq bg lazagna~


effa_dila said...

haha..kalu on ja..