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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

new year, new life.LETS GET HEALTHIER!


I hope I'm not too late to wish you my dear readers, 

Happy Blast New Year. 

Hello, what's with the title? Okay. seriously, my studies here in my university, doing my Degree in TESL is getting harder semester by semester. I know, this is just so expected providing that I have been told by the lecturers themselves back in my Sem 1 that it will get harder each semester. yeah..I'm so not ready for that. 

should I just keep quite, stop mumbling and just start gearing up, perk up and smile?yeah..I know I should. 

Anyways, referring to this post's title, I have a major resolution this year. Hello, is it a must to announce your resolution on your blog? For me, this time, I should, simply because this will help me on keeping myself on the track of my own resolution so much so that whenever I feel like giving up, I will start to tell myself,  

"hey..dont u remember, u have once told the whole nation through your blog about bla..bla..bla..Dont u feel sorry for yourself to give up now when everybody is expecting you to achieve the goal you've set up?" .

I'll be 21 in October this year. yeah..see, the number has increased. It means that I have to let myself decide the best for my future.

I have to lose weight this year. HAVE TO!

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I need to do this not purely to look good. I am grateful of what I have now. Alhamdulillah. Whenever I look into the mirror, I tried my best not to forget to say, "Alhamdulillah ya Allah for You have granted me with such gifts." For me, as long as I can still breathe in the air, witnessing Allah's great creations, voicing out my heart on my likes and dislikes, hearing the sounds of birds chirping and tweeting, that should be enough. But I'm still a normal human being, to be precise, a normal  girl who has feelings. It hurts when people keep on teasing about your appearance. It hurts even more when they never realize it hurts you. I don't mind my friends teasing me as I know they are just joking but then again, I want to thank to them for this wake up call. I know I should have been working out, solving this problem long ago. But, only now I realize I should be serious in this matter. get rid of that fat! It's of no good. 

"you are already thin,",   

"diet?hahahahaha..stop joking please."

"I've been hearing this since ages, and you are still like that, no changes at all, point having such a resolution".

probably these are what I will get once my post is read.But then again, I dont mind. I know deep inside, they are praying for my best. :)

why going on a diet?

1. I'm still young, if I dont take care of my own health, it shows how ungrateful I am towards Allah's gifts that I cant even take a good care of it.

2. I'll be super busy and living in a hectic life soon,. So, if I dont watch on my food intake, I'll get sick easily (stomachache, headache, high blood pressure, diabetes and what not). So, start now. stop procrastinate. never too late to dieting.

3. I can spend less for food and use my money more on other things like books and anything I like or simply keep em in my savings.

Number 3 is highly controversial, isn't it? haha. I know. What I'm trying to say is that I can cut off my money expenditure on junk foods. yeah..all this while, my money will easily be spent on junk foods especially when my stomach doesnt even need that. u dont believe it?you better believe it.

before i end this off, I do have to remind you that DIETING here does not mean NOT EATING. It means, taking care of what is eaten, lead a healthier life, exercise and most importantly, be positive in your life. Most importantly, this wont stop me from my forever interest, cooking. So sorry if my definition of DIETING is side-tracked of those printed on dictionaries, everybody has their own definition on something they intended to define aite? so do I.

So friends, start leading a healthy lifestyle. It's never too late. keep on providing me with your love and support yeah. thank you.  :)

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Nurul Sabrina Sharom said...

same!! hee..
nak diet diet diet jugak thn ni!
insyaAllah, hopefully dpt buat baik2..:)