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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

you want something? work it out.


yo peeps. how ya doin? wait..since I'm doing Secret Garden (a great novel by Frances Hudgson Burnett) in British n American Literature's class this semester, I shall start writing in Yorkshire accent now as how Dickon, Martha, Colin, Mary, Ben and other characters in it did. "I shall let tha know th' secret to success is determination an' will. wi' 'em, achievin' goal is as easy as ABC. tha shall start workin' towards it now, o' no procrastination". Guess dear readers, what does it mean.  :)

done crapping.

how was your weekend friends? I warrant it was as great as how you first expected. Mine? pretty much amazing too.. went to a choir class on Saturday morning (yeah..Im taking it as my co-curiculum class this sem). Learned a lot there, though. bubbling, rib breathing, shoulder breathing, tummy breathing. It is as funny as the names are but seriously they are not easy as I first thought they would be. The instructors directed us to try singing few notes in front of them. I did that too and probably I will be assigned into Soprano's group..or maybe Tenor's seriously not sure myself. (wonder what those words mean? Google peeps. mercy!mercy!)

oh's been 13 days now that I practiced my new routine. No more extra eating. Taking care of my health.exercise regularly. I wont bluff. It's hard. when  your body is too used to your regular routine (in my case, it was a bad ones.), it becomes extremely hard to adapt to a new ones. but it's pain no gain, right?


dear friends, there will never be an easy way to success.take it or leave it.  :)

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