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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I had a great moment, seriously!


Oh my...oh's been a while since my last entry on this blog. I had such a long semester break, suppose that's the reason of the super long break in blogging. huh. Too many things to share yet too few 'kerajinan' in me. I mean, the feeling of telling is there like all the time yet the feeling of writing is sorta hard to get. LOL.

okay..this time around, I would like to share my experience of working as a Liaison Officer (LO) for a big event that happened on last 24th May until 31st May. Indeed, it was only a week's occasion, yet the experience, the joy and the tiresome I had were just truly memorable and are permanently attached in my memory of life.

It was all started with my classmate, Kak Huda asking me and few more of my classmates to join an LO work at Putrajaya on the upcoming semester break (yeah..we're having 4 month's semester break. cool enuff?). I agreed and there I was in Putrajaya working as an LO.

oh..forgot to mention the name of the event. It was the International Canoe Federation (ICF) Dragon Boat Workshop, Coaching Course and Examination 2011. It was the first event as such organised by the Malaysian Canoe Association (MASCA) in cooperation with the International Canoe Federation (ICF). The event was happening for a week at Maritime Centre, Putrajaya, Kuala Lumpur. We (the LOs) stayed at the Sun-Inns hotel, Seri Kembangan. Ohmai...ohmai.. it was such an honor to be a part of the event plus we had to be almost 24/7 in the Maritime centre which, I tell you is tremendously beautiiiifullllll. woah. i'm so missing it, now.It was attended by 100++ participants from both Malaysia and few foreign countries like India, Thailand, Hong Kong, Macau, Iran, the Philippines, the United states and many more. and yeah, they were all sportsmen and sportswomen who were very much actively involved in dragon boat and other water sports.

I was assigned to guide participants from India and Thailand. Since the Thailand participants were all very used to such event and they were even very much used to Kuala Lumpur itself,  they did all things by themselves yet I still had the chance to meet them in person and talk to them especially the leader, Captain Ratanajaipan who was indeed a very gentle and friendly man. the other two Indian participants were Mr Rajiv Bhatia and Mr. Umar . I called Mr Rajiv, Daddy while Mr Umar, Atok. haha... Daddy is a businessman cum water sports academy's owner and coach while Atok is a water sportsman himself and the Vice President of Indian Kayaking and Canoeing Association.

I had so much fun and i learnt a lottttt during my work. Since I acted like their personal assistant, I ought to do almost all sorta works to ensure that the event went well. Arranging the schedule for the participants I assigned for, accompanying them if they wanted to go to the city or merely went for jalan-jalan, I also did emcee for the opening ceremony and the diploma presentation. Ohmai..I'm not gonna bluff. That was nerve-wrecking! Even though, it was quite scary for me at first for having to stand in front of almost 150 audiences including the VVIPs, alhamdulillah. it ended nicely and alhamdulillah, quite number of them gave me positive feedbacks and compliments. :) thanks to the President of MASCA, Mr. Dzulkifli Abas for his frequent last minute callings for me to be the emcee. I would never forget the moment where he used the mic and calling my name, "effa...effa..where are you, my emcee?" in the hall crowded with all the VIPs and participants when I had no idea I was supposed to be emceeing the occasion.  Haha.. no hard feelings already la Mr. Dzul, you are indeed a very cool man. high five!

If I were to tell vividly each and every single thing happened during the 7 days event, this would be a novel rather than a blog's entry. LOL. so..let me listed out the most memorable ones that I would like to share with you my dear followers.

1. I really3 (swear to God) had a great time with my Daddy and Atok. they were really nice. <3 them!

2. The Hong Kong participants really made me laugh during the photo session for their ID card's making. I was the photographer. I only ought to capture their face for the passport-size photo. Instead, they asked me to capture their photos while they gave me several poses as if they were models. haiya... and they were laughing all the way. naughty.naughty.

3. We all attended the opening ceremony of 1 Million Youth Gathering which was organized for the Hari Belia 2011 just near the Mritime Centre itself. We walked there and had a great moment enjoying the view. When I was sitting, my Daddy who was sitting on my right gave me the Cadbury's chocolate bar and I offered that to my Atok who was sitting on my left. Daddy said seriously, "no chocolate for him (Atok). he cannot eat chocolate". Atok smiled and said, "yeah..yeah..cannot. I'm too old for that". Both of them were then laughing. ouh..forget to tell. Daddy is 42 years old while Atok is 65 years old.:)

4. there was this Hong Kong participant, Jacky called me Flower. haha. he didn't know my name. When he asked for my name, i said, just call me Fa. (because it was hard to let him be able to pronounce ef..fa..LOL). It 's so happened that Fa means flower in Cantonese.there you go, Flower was my name there.

5. I lost my handphone. DONE. no more elaboration on that. T_T

6. Daddy treated me hazelnut shake and chocolate cake and we had a nice chatting there. He went telling me about his cute lil baby boy and his sweet 13 years old lil girl. Not to forget, his beautiful wife. he really is a great dad.

7. After sending off my Daddy to the airport (his flight was earlier than atok's), I accompanied atok to Low Yatt for he wanted to purchase the Apple Macbook for his dear son, Hamzah.  i went there with my dear friend, Elly by train. Atok treated us Starbucks and paid for all the train and taxi fares. He also treated us lunch before I sent him off for his flight at the LCCT.

8. When we were in the train, Atok opened his bag and handed me a handmade Kashmir shawl, Elly got it too! I was taken aback by the sudden gift and went thanking him repeatedly. He smiled and said humbly, "I'm sorry, I didn't know that I would be helped by nice girls like you and your friend during my stay here, so this is the only thing I could give. Or else, I would bring a lot more from Kashmir for you ". Oh mai.. I was touched. T_T

9. Saying goodbye was really a hard thing to do to both Daddy and Atok. I almost cried. wuuuu...

10. Despite the hardships and downs I had to endure, I only remembered the nice things happened there. Thanks to my great friends who were there working with me and thanks to the super bubbly and sporting leaders who were responsible in organizing the occasion, Mr. Dzul, Mr.zaki, Mr. Awi and few more others gentlemen. Thank you so much for the opportunity  :)

Here are some of the photos for you to enjoy. (If you want to. LOL)

helping Mr Csaba (Technical Expert of  ICF) and Dr. Luk (ACC's President )
the backbones of the event
the VVIPs during the opening ceremony
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Mr. Dzul (the President of MASCA)
speech by Dato' Mohid
eating time!

With Daddy during Diploma presentation
dragon boat practice
with Atok.

 I've got lots of photos actually but, enough until here la. :)

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