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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I know I am...B.O.R.I.N.G


Have you ever thought that those people who love quotes and like to share motivational thoughts are just a bunch of boring and lame people? Do you find it pretty hard to say yes to this query?

Those people who are in my FB's friends list would notice that I love updating my status. I mean, the status on my wall, not the relationship status. sigh~ Yes, indeed. I won't deny that. Most of my updates were about my current feelings or thoughts on something. Nothing emotional? course there was several updates had to do with feelings might it be dissatisfaction on something, sadness, pressure I had etc but rarely I voiced it out obviously. Usually I would voice it cynically or rather I prefer putting them in thoughts or quotes style.

I enjoy sharing motivational quotes with others because I know people do read others' walls on FB and they do read others' statuses as well. So, why not sharing something that would make others think? And hopefully would make you yourself think in return?

I don't know what would you think about this but I do find peace when I read motivational quotes. Off course it does not solve my problems or stop the disappointment I had instantly but still they provide me with some sort of space to reflect and think about what causes such feelings.

I have got several quotes that I wrote mostly based on what I felt at that particular moment. Here are some of them

             ·        your name is the best gift from your parents. live on it. no matter how cruel people can be with your name, no matter how many times they insult u for who u r. ignore it because after all, ur parents will still call u with it and that's how u gain life :)

  ·        there is nothing impossible. even the word IMPOSSIBLE itself comprises of I, M, POSSIBLE (i am possible). believe in yourself that with a great effort + bless from God, we can do almost anything. :) 

·        suffocated by tons of assignments? try to take a 5 minute break. breathe in the fresh air and start to question yourself. Do the assignments burden you?you have two clear justifications for that. ONE: "YES, I hate assignment. it burdens and makes me sick!"  TWO: "NO,I have chosen to be in this field, I have to play in the game". works will permanently be a burden if we look at it as a burden.

  • It's always easier to condemn about something but never easy to prove that you are way better in doing what you are condemning.

  •  life remains numb if you are still wearing the same dirty old shirt you're wearing 10 years ago. (read=????)

    •  It's good that you don't know the consequences of your own action. It's good to puzzle over what sort of decision should you opt for when something gives you options. why? simply because there you'll learn more about life. enduring the ups and downs of your own sayings and choices. there you'll appreciate life. :)

    •  it's good to cry sometimes. it breaks the hard wall in your heart 

    Yeah, I am boring because I hate to curse. Yeah, even lame and boring for the word 'stupid' and adik beradiknya are harsh enough for me. But hey, that's just me. Everyone is entitled to their own way of expressing their feelings and thought, aren't they? So world, accept me. HAHA...

    For instance, one would not express his/her dissatisfaction like this, 

    "bod** ah minah tu nak marah-marah aku. apahal dia bang*** sangat? "

    instead, they would preferably say,

    "apelah salah aku kena marah macam tu sekali. hurm..takpelah. betullah kot salah aku"

    or in other style:

    "owh, I'm sorry your insult doesn't hurt me. I am terribly sorry if really I did hurt you. "


    oops..sorry if this entry makes you think so. I do find that there are several distinctions between 'berlagak baik' and 'cuba-perbaiki-diri-dan-mengharap-orang-yang-kata-orang-lain-cuba-berlagak-baik-tu-pun-perbaiki-diri'. 

    I am not perfect, I am real. Real people make mistake. Real people realize that they are not perfect, that is why they would try their best to at least be better. One of the ways is by advising, reminding each other. Hey2, that's why God created all of us, He didn't just create you because He knows well we won't be able to survive alone. We need someone or something to make us think. 

    Hurm..what else to be discussed today? Oh ya, as my friend had just shared her side of story about hurting and insulting just now, let me touch a bit on that.

    a classic insult, calling specky people that way

    -photos courtesy of Google-

    Sometimes we think that by shouting and scolding at others in public is normal. Sometimes we think that condemning harshly on someone's works is just a matter of voicing out your opinion (yeah, human rights of free voicing, katanya.)Sometimes we think that by calling others with hurtful names like gemok, hitam, lembab, ketot etc is normal. perfectly fine. Why? because that person whom the hurtful names are given to doesn't say a word that indicates that's a very bad idea to label him or her as such. Err.. that proves you are being plain ignorant. Off course, sometimes people won't show that they are hurt by our treatment on them. But believe me, everyone has feelings. I reckon you yourself has it. So, why not practice to be more considerate and sensitive from now on? okay?  

    and for those who are hurt and insulted, this is what has been told to us since ages,

     Allah berfirman: "...dan hendaklah mereka memaafkan dan berlapang dada. Apakah kamu tidak suka bahwa Allah mengampunimu? Dan Allah Maha Pengampun, Maha Penyayang." (QS. An Nuur, 24:22)



    Nurul ashikin said...

    love it... mari kita sama2 menjaga lidah... :-)

    Shafiah Sulaiman said...

    tp sy syg awk seadanya...dan awk tdk membosan kan pon bg sy... =)

    SuE RaY said...

    you're amazing the way u are right now..

    people do tend to say things that makes you feel bad and dumb..
    but really, they have no power over your life..

    interesting quotes..
    keep em up..

    aku bukan aku said...

    ini sangat nice.wise.