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Saturday, November 28, 2009

im not just hungry..


boredom leads to unusual yet satisfying acts..

quote of the day by me,myself and i..

       total rm=RM5++

haha..i really have no idea what makes my appetite goes larger each and everyday?can i conclude it as something normal?or it has something to do with chemical changes within my body???whatever it is..seriously..i need to do something with it..if this goes on..someone will have to grab new attires (which means..more money need to b spent)..oh no!!

p/s:we are in danger if we feel happy when we eat..


..SuRaYa.. said...


ske aiskrim brand walls la..lg sedp..

btw..try mskkn cawan aiskrim tu n then amik sudu pecah2kn(cam tk sesuai je bnyi tu) aiskrim tu..sedap..

fatin nazihah ashari said...

what say me?
here i want to say..

aku tibetibe suke makan coklat sejak balek kg. ennek aku la bagi makan banyak.

effa_dila said... x minat chocolate(kecuali dark choco) xtau nape..asyik nk mengunyah je lately..haha

su..nape idea ko same cam adik aq(aziq)??cuma dia punya mmg merepek cuz dye suro campurkan skali ngan chocolate kitket tuh..