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Saturday, November 28, 2009

selamat hari raya aidiladha..


it's still not too late to wish..SELAMAT HARI RAYA AIDILADHA..

this year i celebrated raya haji in kl..not in my kampung, johor..that simply dad has something to deal here in kl..

seriously..celebrating raya not in kampung is totally boring..wake up in the morning,preparing meals for families,eating nothing..compared to if celebrate it in kampung..there'll be more fun things to do..

anway..raya is not just about celebrating is more than's purely about being grateful of what we have while considering the sacrifice comitted by Nabi Ibrahim who willingly sacrificed the life of his own son (Nabi Ismail) as a sign of devotion to ALLAH..

as usual..ibu n ayah prepared few delicacies for us..i did help(even not too much of it)..i prepared kuah was a first time trial for me(i it) was a are some other delicacies prepared..

sambal kacang by ibu

   ketupat nasi by ayah

ketupat pulut by ayah


     rendang ayam by ibu

full!that's all i can say..indulge on it for two days..enough..haha

p/s: i wish my sister was with together..


fatin nazihah ashari said...

mane gambar masakan ko nye?

oh ye, sile off word vrfction. lenguh weh. huhu

effa_dila said...

haha...utk elak spam la syg word verification tuh..

neway..gmbr masakan tuh aq x letak...malas nk amek..ahahahha

snh said...


effa_dila said...

haha..tgk pix je pun kenyang?

snh said... mix sebelah.