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Wednesday, February 10, 2010



yeeha!i'm pissed off.. of what? of people's behaviour..who's behaviour? WHOEVER!!!

haha.. 10 am, kak huda (my coursemate) and I went to a district in Perak to meet someone who was in charge with the occasion that both kak huda n I need to organize. We picked the 'kereta sewa' from Pak Tam's (the owner of kereta sewa) house. As I hate driving a manual car..I asked kak huda to drive it..It took us almost 30 minutes to reach the district. 

Secretary: May I help u?

Kak Huda: We are here to meet XXXXXX as he asked us to come here meeting him today.

Secretary: Oh, he went out just now and I'm not certain when will he come back.
                If u would like to wait for him, U could sit there first (while appointing his finger to the seats).

Kak Huda: Sure..

***pergh.. That was really typical us (Malaysian)..If u said 11 am, it will be 11.30 am...fine..I managed to tolerate with it***

few minutes later...

XXXXX: okay, let's follow me to my office.

I need not to tell the whole story of it. I just want to say here that we were an appropriate word..we were 'brainwashed' by him..

" biasanya, kami tak layan jemputan2 macam ni."

"saya ada banyak lagi kerja tau tak, bukan nak layan awak semua je."

" awak ingat awak siapa nak arah-arahkan kami untuk datang ke majlis awak?"

OKAY...let me answer those questions ya..(eventhough I didn't manage to say it out in front of him as I was afraid the situation could be even worse than one could ever imagine).

"kenapa tak layan?"

"rasanya kalau tak nak kerja banyak, duduk rumah je.."

"erk..bila pulak kami mengarahkan pihak encik?kami tulis di situ..memohon kebenaran..mengikut Kamus Pelajar Edisi Kedua, kebenaran bermaksud 'kelulusan utk membenarkan; izin'..maknanya...kami maksudkan...untuk minta izin..bukan arahkan..kan?"

haish..I know this is a great lesson..that we will encounter numerous kinds of people throughout our life.. Before this I also have experienced few ocassions where I need to handle and I have to negotiate with those people on the authorities but never encounter these kind of people..haha..

Finally..we drove back to campus to attend the Intro to Lit's class despite the great exhaustion we had..


snh said...

district mane tu?hehe

nedd said...

oh shouldn't be like that.

no manners!
so not profesional!


effa_dila said...

nedd..tau xpe..haish..dugaan betol