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Saturday, January 23, 2010

it's saturday!


woke up at 6 am..took my bath,performed my prayer,had breakfast (a glass of warm water and a slice of potato bread),headed to campus to attend my Taekwondo Class.What I did today???

Taekwondo Class
  • Nina, Josphine, several others  and i were late to the class due to the late coming of buses and we had to squeeze ourselves among numbers of people to get into the bus...
  • we learned new it..even though that were really tiring
  • we had few fried fish balls, nuggets and drinks which we bought from the pakcik in front of the classes at Tmn. U.
Debate Practice
  • went there just to see my 2 friends, Yogeswary and Thilaga and also few other seniors practicing their debate. being asked to be one of the ajudicators (judges)..haha..had fun watchim them fighting for justice!
  • Abg Sanjay(one of the team members) asked us to join..Nina and Jos didn't want to..I?really..IDK!
  • Got to meet Mdm. Napisah who used to be my former Grammar lecturer..she was nice and humble despite of the fact that she studied in Oxford University!
Pekan  Tg. Malim's Time
  • went there to buy a literature book for secondary school to be used in my Intro to Lit's assignment..sadly..didn't manage to find it..
  • decided to have cendol and rojak near the KFC..wallaoweh...dang!really nice la the cendol and rojak..Nina paid for that..thank darling!

p/s:should I go back to KL just to get the book needed for my assignment?



u should go back to KL now !!!! Hurryyyyy !!! If u late, kompom laa someone will kick u out from UPSI....kehkehkehkeh...

effa_dila said...

man senget

Food Blast said...

ask somene buy it fopr u lar. post it then.. ez as abc

effa_dila said...'s k..settled d!