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Saturday, February 27, 2010



i have no idea on why i am extremely tired today. I wonder if the so not enough sleep i had last 2 days should be blamed for this forever sufferings.I feel sleepy almost all the time. Can you imagine.. I was walking to the bus to head to the class when I feel like sleeping too at the same time. The 5 minutes journey from my college to the campus seemed like a no definite end journey. Last night I arrived at college from KL ( I went back together with nina,jos n elly to buy some stuffs at TS) at 9 pm. Slept at 12 am and woke up this morning at 6.30 am. Prepared ourselves to the taekwondo training class at 8 became a nightmare for nina,jos,elly n i as we were tremendously tired of the last night journey back to tg malim to kl..okay..done with that..I'm certain that none of you would even care to hear about it. I mean..the 'tired' thingy..

The taekwondo training this morning was H.A.R.D. hard in the sense that..i was 'pancit' in just less than an hour.. I thought it was only me..haha..happy to hear that nina and jos had the same. It was pretty obvious during the running session..I was okay before this..but I dont know why today it seemed hard to be accomplished. sweating? mention..

hurm..what else ya? ya..ya..ya..I dont know what more to say..that's it..daa...............