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Thursday, March 4, 2010



honestly..I am weak..okay..this week I am weak..3 might sound few for you but not actually..those assignments are.. Communicative English, Intro to Literature and Falsafah dan Dasar.. I need air..I'm barely gasping for air..please..please..please!!

what could be even worse? Today I spent the whole day in campus..from morning till dawn..Im not lying..okay..even if u think so..I don't is the list of silly things that happened to me today..seriously!

1. list actually..who says i have the list?what?effa?who's effa?that crazy depressed girl?okay..she is senget..

no list just that..on my way to Communicative English class..the ribbon attached on my shoes torn out!hate it!!!that left a hideous mark on my shoes..I had to go to the shop nearby to get a glue..eeeeeeeeeeeeee!! I remembered another silly thing...I was desperately needed the glue to glue my ribbon back onto my shoes..(I decided to buy double sided tape as I wanted something that would dry faster..double sided tape is dry already what..)so I went to the shop nearby and asked the abang..

desperate girl: abang..ada double sided tape tak?

abang: ada..pusing belakang..jalan terus..kat sebelah kiri..

came back to the counter after 3 minutes..

desperate girl: ni ye bang?

abang: untuk paip la..


that's it..I'm done for now.......... let's work..yeeha!


diyanah said...

heh. try lah gna yg utk pipe. mna tau lg effective haha.

effa_dila said...

ahahaha..cramer..idea bernas

Anonymous said...
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