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Saturday, August 28, 2010

shopping alone=real shopping!


On Friday night (27th August), I went back to KL by KTM train. Reached home almost 2 hours later. ayah fetched me from Damai station with  a huge grin that I had been longing for. arrived home to see my bubbly little bro, aziq watching cartoon while another lil bro, Afiq was sleeping soundly.My mom on the other hand was in her room, about to sleep. After kissing her cheek, I let her sleep.
the next morning, Afiq sent me to JJ Wangsa Maju as I wanted to buy some stuffs. after patting his back, shaking hand with him n gave him few advices on his studies, I went into the mall.

shopping alone by are the things grabbed!haha

zing's flora motive bangle

zing's polka dot mini bag (for jalan2 during raya.hehe)

pashmina (i bought this to cover myself in my super freezing class)

zeita's wedges (okay..the previous one has torn out)

the body shop's lychee blossom perfume

sinma's funky hair pin (to be used with shawl)

went back to tg malim after that. :)

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