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Sunday, August 8, 2010

What Happened On Friday?


I only had a class yesterday . Kelas Phonetics n Phonology.8 pagi hingga 10 I enjoyed that class so much. We learned how to pronounce words correctly according to the British pronunciation. The best part was when our lecturer, Dr. Che' Ton asked us to do some activities on pronunciation. She assigned us into few groups where we had to listen to few songs and detect certain words in the lyrics which produced sounds as the phonemes we had been assigned for. The songs were Home and Save the Last Dance For Me( Michael Buble'), There You'll Be (Faith Hill)  and also Superwoman (Karyn White). Expected!my voice was louder than the original singer.haha

Right after the class, we (zaff,elly,fie,fin and nina) were planning to head to Pekan as all of us except for Nina wanted to go to the clinic for several reasons..and..what was my reason?yeah..due to the 15 seconds suffering I've mentioned in my previous post, I finally decided to seek a doctor to help me with that. We had to wait for another hour before we could go to Pekan as Nina and Elly were having Drama class and the rest Fie, Fin, Zaff and I were not.Finally..we decided to wait for Nina and Elly City's lake..haha..I was only intended to bring them purely to look around the lake's compound.Here are some moments captured at Proton City's Lake.

off to pekan afterwards..went to see the doctor telling him how I had a serious headache and few other symptoms which I personally thought would be high blood pressure's symptoms. wasn't.the dr only told me that those sickness I had were because I always skipped my meal and merely because I spent too long in air conditioned- room.yeah..skipping meal..honestly..I've been sort of practicing it for quite some times..and that wasn't because i wanted to..but that's because I usually couldn't take my breakfast or i would definitely throw up.again..that's not a good excuse.Went back home,I slept for I wasn't able to bear the tiredness. I was later updated my status in FB..wohooo...many of my friends started to bashed me up..scolding me for not taking care of myself..these are few of the comments:

u never learn from the elder...
time makan, makan sahaja maaa.. janji sehat
SKIP MKN LG??????? bgus la tue.bkn 1 kali dua..DEGIL..
degil sgt..dr dlu da pesan,JGN skip meal time..dlu da nk pengsan,pitam, n mcm2 da ats sbb yg same..then wat lg.skip mkn, n jd lg...xkecian ke kat bdn tue? em? syg la ckit..jaga la x..DEGIlL.
cikgu perlukan khasiat nutrien,vitamin b2 dan kalsium utk trus cekal dan gigih mndidik anak murid yah
makan tu mmg penting..jgn over mkn or kurang makan..tgk aku..maintain je..hehheh...semlga sihat2 je...
yeah..I'm blessed with friends who are concern on me.Those friends who always remind me on how I should appreciate myself especially on health wise.thanx friends.No words could resemble my love for you.. <3


Shafiah Sulaiman said...

saya kenal ini cerita.. muahahaha!!.. when u read the post that u have posted, read it and TELAN!!!.. skip meal sesaja.. kan da jd mcm2.. lau posa lain crita la.. hu2.. t8 gud care of urself dear..
[ shafiah sulaiman is jealous mode: ON.. lagu blog nih!]

effa_dila said...

haha..thanx syg!