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Thursday, August 5, 2010



yeah..great lesson!I had a great lesson today. Something happened in the class this morning that definitely left me puzzled and at the same time sort of triggered me on those mistakes I've done upon myself pertaining to my health.I seriously need to be more careful and concern more on myself next time. Everything went smoothly at the beginning of the class. I sat on my seat as usual, concentrating on the lesson. Nothing seems alien. All of sudden..these were what I felt...

the whole building was shaken. My seat was swayed back and forth. It seems that my nerves were being pressed by a great force. My head was hardly pushed by a massive load. I could barely open my eyes.My vision blurred. I didn't even manage to lift my hands up.It felt so heavy to be lifted up. Even when I able to lift them up, the shaking got even worse.I almost fainted. I could only rest my head on the table.helpless.breathless.

Weird.That was happened for approximately 15 seconds which feels like a forever suffering.

I was then told my friend, Elly who sat besides me. She tried to comfort me. few minutes later, everything went back to norm. 

I'm scared. What causes that?Was it normal? I know there's something wrong and I seriously need to seek for a doctor. 

Another friend, Nina told me that she had the same exact experience before and she has been confirmed by the doctor of having hypoglycemia or low blood pressure., it gets even scarier. I tried reading the link given by her on hypoglycemia and Oh No! I answered more yes than no for the symptoms. hurm..........

Sweating? YES
Shaking? YES
Hunger? NO
Dizziness? YES
Faintness? YES

Confusion? YES
Impatience? YES
Headache? YES
Blur vision? YES


.::annemishi::. said...

pernah rasa gak perasaan tuh.
amaran kecil tuh.
bersyukur Allah panjangkan umur lagi.

effa_dila said...

betul2 dear...

thanx 4 da thought..;)

effa_dila said...

betul2 dear...

thanx 4 da thought..;)