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Friday, October 8, 2010



I need to blog this. Despite of the fact that I have tons of assignments await, I know I have to blog this. Through out these 3 semesters of studying, i had had to do many presentations for the subjects. BUT, never in my life I thought that what happened today would be happening.

This morning, as usual on Friday morning, I needed to attend the Phonetic class. As today my group members (Elly, Yin Chian and Ratna) and I were needed to conduct a teaching activity, I was a bit nervous and excited at the same time as this was the second teaching activity I had to do. The first one was back in Semester 1.This time around, we had to teach the students pronunciation. So the mood was totally a school mood with us being the teachers and our super bubbly classmates were our students. :)

We were the third group to present. Soon after being called, my group members and I rushed to the front of the class and tried to set up everything needed. Oh no! The video we intended to use as our introduction cannot be played using the monitor. It took us almost 10 minutes to figure out how to sort the problem out. Then I decided of using my notebook than using the monitor. Another problem rose. There was no image appeared on the screen! argh!!!!!!could this be more worse? Oh..the spark of giving up has shown up. 

inhale..exhale..inhale..exhale..lucky us for our lecturer, Dr. Che Ton being so thoughtful and she kept on asking whether or not we were okay. finally, we made up our mind. We omitted the video part and just continued with our own introduction. Settled with the introduction, we continued with the two activities. The first activity was Track It! where the students were needed to identify few words with the initial sounds of /t/ and /th/ from the article given and they were also needed to solve the word maze provided in the handouts given.

Done with the first activity, we moved on with the second activity named Jumble Mumble. In this activity, the students were needed to group themselves into  5 groups of 8 to 10 members and chose one spoke person for each group. These spoke persons were responsible to choose one envelope out of five choices given. In the envelope were two papers contain jumbled sentences and tongue twister. They needed to solve the jumbled sentence and practice the tongue twisters and  later the spoke persons would represent their respective groups in giving us the correct answers for the jumbled sentences and said out loud the tongue twisters. The activities went well with a great cooperation from the 'students'.

The time for answer checking has finally arrived. I stepped away from the stage and went closer to the 'students' to start the answer checking when "ARGH!!!!!"..the students started screaming. Blackout! OMG! the worst has finally showed its face!Could I just scream along with them? Our lecturer asked us to just continue the activity.

Alhamdulillah, we managed to finish it and did everything planned.

I have learnt my own lesson today that every single thing has its own reason for happening. Well, I wont deny that I was a bit pissed off and lost when those 'tests' come. With the video could not be played and the sudden blackout, but still Allah helped us with His own way. He tested us at first, to make us use the logical wise of our brain and to test our ability in overcoming circumstances at stake. The comments from the lecturer and the joy from the 'students' were just enough to heal the disappointment my group members and I had earlier on.  thank you Allah. :)


fareha azhar said...

dugaan..alhamdulillah sume ok :)

fatin nazihah ashari said...

just love this :)

mas said...

we're the group wif enthusiasm!..hehe..reward: ferrero choki~ ;)

effa_dila said...

fa:alhamdulillah. kuasa yang Maha Esa :)

jiha:me <3 too :)

effa_dila said...

mas:exactly!ur group is the most determine and enthusiastic one!