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Friday, July 17, 2009

going back in pain?


hurm..sore throat..hua..painful started my listening n speaking class..i thought it was only normal as i always experienced that kind of to tally's getting worse need to attend the olahraga class this evening..haiya..

think of going back tonight..y must b tonight?everybody were asking me the same question.. i would say that's bcuz..saje2..hehe..

tomorrow i want to go shopping..need to find suitable attire for the TESL Night. the theme is "all white with a splash of blue"
i'll try to find the attire which suits with it..

hurm.. i need strepsils or any sore throat reliever badly!!

im eppy cuz:
goin back to kl tonight

im devastated cuz:
fever attack!!(not H1N1 ok!)


Syairazi said...


dell~ said...

epa kuat makan rambutan~~~hehe

effa_dila said...

syai:sampai ati ko..:(

dell:knp rambutan?huhu..