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Thursday, July 30, 2009



when we hope it gets better,it turns to be worse.. i guess there are lots of hikmah on wat happened is the most appropriate time for us to look deeply on wat we have done upon our own earth..which caused us this severe is true..we did not hope for troubles to interfere our life but without we realized,our actions are the one which bring us to be engulfed with this kind of situation.maybe we,as a human did not appreciate enough those things blessed to us.Instead,we create disaster and acted foolishly by neglecting the needs to be grateful of what ALLAH had given us.

in UPSI here,we are allowed to have a week break because they are afraid this severe illness will spread more going back tonight with josephine and khairil,my classmates.hope everything will be alright and nothing bad would the time being,i think it's better to start packing my stuffs and ready to experience another long journey with ktm train..AGAIN!!3 times in a row..haiya..

im eppy cuz:
i'm still healthy and could perform my daily chores

im devastated cuz:
there r still lots of people out there who didn't alert with H1N1!!!wear ur mask people!!


fatin nazihah ashari said...

upsi tutup gak?
upm pon bru tutup slase haritu..
cubaan dari tuhan

Sulaiman Bin Ismail said...

what a coincidence !! Aku dh agak dh UPSI akan ditutup disebabkan virus ni... aku percaya lepas ni giliran UM, UKM, UTM, UMP dan IPTS serta lain2... believe it !! Students IPT kan ramai, mustahil xde tempat yg akan ditutup.. tempat aku tu bakal ditutup minggu depan...cuti..tapi x gembira sebab org lain derita H1N1...

effa_dila said...

jiha:btol..dugaan tuhan kan?kiter xtau maksud sumer yg semua dugaan supaye kite sentiasa sedar diri kiter nih sape..

man:btol3..mlam kelmarin baru dye gtau yg upsi kene tutup cz ade kes pown rase pasni ade yk lagi ipt kene tutup..H1N1 nih dh makin trok..