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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

pagi yang indah


supposedly..i need to attend 3 hours lecture this morning..but pertaining to some has been cancelled..and today..i'm totally free!!wink*wink*

so..what should i do?

a)stay at home..sleep..

b)going out to town

c)do nothing..

and i chose to....go to Upsi today..eventho i dun have any lecture to attend..but i need to go to the library to get some books,journals and informations which will be used in da assignments later on.. housemate,josephine(i called her fin),n i will get on da 10 am bus n heading to 4 da books n journals,go to HEP,go to BitaraSiswa to hand in our medical report then....wait for my dad..he told me that he will come happy!!hihi..

so..for the time being..i guess..i want to start my assignment..just try to flip through pages here and

im happy cuz:

my dad gonna come today n promised to treat me lunch :)

im devastated cuz:

i need to start doing the assignments..hihi..


dell~ said...

yeay epa..
mu sgt rajin..
ku cm x sedar je da masuk sem 3..
haha...chayo epa!

effa_dila said... baru sem 1...tq babe..:)

dell~ said... sem 1..
ku sem x terase cm sem 3..
malas xleh buang..aiyark

effa_dila said...

haha..kemalasan itu pyakit yg mmg sukar nk pown ngah berusaha sedaya upaya membuang pyakit postpone keje..hihi..