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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

updates needed!!!


as what u can see..updates needed!syaiNGAL..ok..i'll update's not that i have no

enough time to update my just that i'm quite's not's more to

really,very,damn lazy..lalalala~

want to share something with the readers..

we commonly used this kind of word when speaking or writing..

it is so hot today..

that girl is so pretty..

it is so nice to see you here..

what am i trying to focus on here is the usage of the word SO..

we frequently use it to show intensify..or easier to is used to intense some

word..but..according to Mr Bala,the word SO is usually being used with another word,THAT..

it goes like..


for instance,
she gives him a plastic bag so that he can use it to fill in the packets.

thus,by now..we should alert on this.use SO with THAT and try to avoid from using SO to

intense a word.instead,use any other intensifiers such as very,really and so on.

i guess it is enough till works to do..i'll update later on if i have anything to share..thanx

for reading..:)

im eppy cuz:
today josephine n kak hani served me with lots of delicacies

im devastated cuz:
my complexion is getting malim is really hot..


Syairazi said...

name aq gak masok..

aq blaja englishhhhhhh~
so so lah!!

effa_dila said...

syai..sampai ati ko gelak..
aq btol2 nk share ngan org la..

nedd said...

oh...aah betullah...thx eppa~

effa_dila said...

tu la kan nedd..ur welkam..

ha nedd..surely ko pown ade byk bende yg ko dh blaja..jomla share..:)