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Monday, July 20, 2009 thing settled..another thing approach..


more assignments awaits..i wish i have da power to stop this..haha..but i know..i have to face with it for the whole 8 semesters no matter how i hated it so much..lalalala.. still fighting with my flu..(again..not H1NI!)..rmb ya syairazi da vulga family..not H1N1..

something happened today in my listening and speaking class ..Mr. Bala asked us to play a game..Basically..that was a game where we need to create a story..and others will continue it..i was the second last person who need to complete the story..

someone started the story with something about the bombing issues in jakarta..and when it comes to the person who sat before was changed to another story which was one of her neighbour got killed by a bombing turn had finally arrived..

with full of confidence,enthusiasm and self-esteem..i said these aloud..

"Suddenly..i heard another voice..i wondered..wat was da voice?few minutes later..i felt something..someone SHAKED me..then only i realized that..."

and the last person,josphine continue it..

"was a dream.."

what am i trying to highlight here is the mistake that i did..SHAKED!SHAKED!SHAKED!where on earth that kind of word exist?haiya..i guess i was shaking on that time..or i dreamed of drinking milkshake..

Mr Bala could only smile sinically upon hearing that..n my classmates were laughing and having their best time thinking about the mistakes i did..haha..

Mr Bala said.."i definitely will not buy your books if this is the matter how.."and he laughed..

we were so eager laughing over it..and at the same time..still listening to Mr. Bala comment..

"all of you should use simple english when it comes to speaking.."

that's true..those native speaker were also used simple english when speaking..but..when it comes to writing..then only it is applicable to use those bombastic words..

My classmates couldn't stop themselves from laughing over the not-so-silly-but-childish story..
and they keep on repeating the word.."Suddenly"..haha..
but we did have fun..this kind of games actually do help us on examining our ability in speaking and perhaps..we could improve our fluency with it.. thinking of going back to kl this weekend..AGAIN!!hihi..but is because my sister gonna come back to of hangout with her n abg krol..yeah.. group members and i will have a discussion pertaining the presentation for sahsiah's class tomorrow..

so..that's it for now..chiow..

i'm eppy cuz:
i learned a lot today..

im devastated cuz:
my flu is getting worse..


Sulaiman Bin Ismail said...

Go to clinic, talks with doctor, takes your medicine, sleep well, then wake up, finally your flu getting better...simple !! hakahakahak..

effa_dila said... eik?trima kasih...

Syairazi said...

plus doa banyak2..
kasi sehat..
sakit tu penghapus dosaa..

[syai da berubah]

effa_dila said...

syai..terharu aq bhai..akhirnye ko dpt nur cahaya keinsafan..