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Monday, January 4, 2010



this was actually a poem created by my group members and I in my English for Communication class..yeah..  I might sound typical, boring and's okay as  I am still in a learning process and the ability to come up with a very dramatic, touchy and a masterpiece-like kind of literary pieces would definitely take me some times..:) this was actually the first task given by our tutor, Miss Yoon who wanted (come on..10 minutes for this..what u expect?..haha) us to do it spontaneously but believe me..this is truly from our heart..

If I were not a teacher,
I were a singer, as popular as Ziana Zain,
or even miming " Love Story" while strumming my guitar up.

If I were not a teacher,
I might isolate myself in my quiet office,
cracking my mind on the next tower to build.

If I were not a teacher,
I maybe rehearsing for a fashion show,
deciding whether to choose
Jimmy Choo's, Tom Abang Saufi's,
or Gucci's.

Eventhough there were many perhaps,
I realized I need a teacher,
to make my dreams come true,
and perhaps I am the teacher.


nedd said...

woha!!! erm..wut will i be if i'm not a teacher? woha!

mimimajid said...

and i loooove this! :)

crixerity said...

teruskan menulis. sukasukasuka. sekurangnya ada mesej dan isi. walau macam kau cakap, klise. hehe... :D

diyanah said...

i'm sure i am not a teacher, and if i am a teacher, i will be a bad one. =_=

effa_dila said...

cramer...everybody is a teacher..u will someday be a teacher..teaching ur children bout life..hihi..

mirul..haha..makasih..mase die bagi pendek gilak bukan org seni spt ko..huhu

mimie..n i love u!

i'll probably be...urm..hurm..ha..huhu..