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Monday, March 22, 2010

1...2...3... muntah!


My writing skills assignments are almost done. I should be able to breathe calmly right now but no! It's obviously an impossible thing to do. here is the list of what I need to do starting tomorrow onwards.

Tuesday: 1. Exploring the library searching for Emily Dickinson's works as I am going to use it for my final Intro to Lit's assignment.
2. Go to pekan,searching for gifts and other stuffs needed for Pengurusan Ko's assignment

Wednesday: Organizing Kursus and Kemahiran for Pengurusan Ko. as the Vice Director of that program, I need to make sure everything goes smoothly

Thursday: 1. Intro to Lit's assignnment
                 2. Communicative English test

Friday: Submit Writing skills assignment

okay now..i want to


AdamAdli said...

1...2...3....bluekk!! aku dah nak giler!! tapi lg terdesak lagi bagus..bru rajin ckit..hahaha.....chaiyok2!! aku pun tggl pngurusan kKO, nak submit kerje miss hashimah....writing pun ciap dah....intro je yg tak buat...i mean..yang kne pilih author tuh..

effa_dila said...

wuhuu..kire keje ko lagi sikit dr aq r adam..e...benci3!