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Tuesday, May 4, 2010



Alhamdulillah..finally I'm done with final exam..tonight at 8.50 pm will be heading to kl with KTM train with my friend, Josphine..going to Genting Highland with my sister on Thursday and balik kampung from Friday to Sunday for kenduri kesyukuran .. on Monday probably will be in UPSI until 20th May for Debate practice and will head to UITM  Arau,Perlis for Debate tournament until 24th May..then only I'll indulge with the so-called semester ya guys later...:) <3


dell~ said...

good luck epa!
kasi no 1 ea

effa_dila said...

mekasih 1?x aim pun yg itu..just join nk xperience..:)