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Friday, February 18, 2011

Are you interested? are you?

ASSALAMUALAIKUM.... ya doin'? This time's entry will be a bit provocative. ha? yeah.. not that provocative though. sorry for making the introduction sounds quite political. (yeah..blame the wave we are having now, wave of election. here and there people are busy with elections. manifestos here and there. promises here and there. banners and posters here and there. okay. I should give a halt now. )


Business? what kind of business. hurm..actually, I haven't started involving in any sort of business, yet. I think I am about to, on the next few weeks, probably. Well, this is not my own invention or they call it idea or some people call it creation or they sometimes call it innovation.. (enough with the definition Effa, they have this thing called DICTIONARY). hehe.. okay..where were I just now? ha.. yeah..about this business. It is actually my bestie a.k.a my neighbor's business. I am just helping and I was thinking to be one of the wholesalers.. IF...IF...there are buyers who would like to buy 'em, and that would be the main reason of why I posted this thing. yeah..that is the main point. WOULD THERE BE ANY BUYERS? WOULD YOU, YOU,YOU AND YOU BUY 'EM?

LOL. well, I should give it a try, shouldn't I? you will never know before you try, aite? OKAY..done talking. let me show you what the business is all about.

Here are some of the products. Mind telling you few facts about them all. (OMG! when will you show them?)

1. They are 100% handmade. yeah.. HANDMADE! so u can say that, the effort worth paying for.

2. They are the original or we call it authentic designs from the owner, which most of 'em you cant find elsewhere. so again, they are worth paying for.

3. They can custom made the products for You can tell what colors you want, and they'll make it for you, insyaALLAH. so, yeah. worth paying for.

4. They mainly use felt fabric as the main material for the products. what is felt fabric? this is felt fabric.basically, they wont be easily ripped of or torn out probably because of the elasticity or whatever -city they possessed. (yeah, Im no good in Chemistry to vividly explain them all to you. Google might help,tho). yeah, again... they are worth paying for.

Take a look at 'em all.


cute, eh? this can be made into hair clip too. if u want.

ok. I know i look hideous. shut your eyes now. but..not to the ribbon. hee

I personally think this is adorable. u can ask for this to be a brooch too.

hair clips version

brooches version

lovey dovey..hey2..u can put these on your bags too, aite?

it'll look good on you as how it looks good on this cute lil girl.  ;)

I love this..loike seriously. available in various colors. just ask for 'em. and yeah..this ring is adjustable, according to your fingers sizes

even the chubby me can fit into em.  :)

this too can be made into hair clip.

bored of using normal tudung or shawl brooches? go for this one instead.  :)

I guess these would be enough for now. They have quite a lot more to offer to you. kindly visit their:

for more infos okay? 

EH..wait. would u like to buy 'em if I sell 'em? okay, this question is for UPSI students because Im studying here so..yeah..for them. For those staying far from UPSI, Tg. Malim, Perak, u can still buy 'em. :) . Kindly visit those two sites I've given just now. Their FB page and their Blog site. okay? should grab at least one of the products. :)

again..would you want to buy them if I sell 'em?  :)


panda putih said...

ala, sy nak juga broch yang bulat ngn luv 2... T_T tp mst dah sold out, tmbh lagi sure dak UPSI dah habiskan

effa_dila said...

hehe. dell ek ni? la...epa lom jual la bende2 tu syg. dell nak ke?