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Sunday, February 20, 2011



WOohoo..minah Sarawak mana pulak ni aih? LOL. well.. dinner hari ni aku ke luar Semenanjung, ke Sarawak. figuratively yeah. Not literally. My super gorgeous senior a.k.a my housemate, Kak Sha is a Sarawakian. She once told me that she really wanted to eat mee kolok. It's a Sarawak's traditional food. Yeah, I've never heard of it, never tasted it and never made it! But, her sweet sympathetic innocent face makes me saying, "okay..nanti Kak Sha nak makan, tell me. I'll try cooking it for u."

apakah yang berlaku bila budak KL masak makanan Sarawak?

tadaa...... FIRST TRIAL of mee kolok soaked in hot beef soup and eaten with spicy soy sauce.  :)

makan..mari. kamek mok makai.

Okay, I've asked Zaf, my friend a.k.a my housemate, she is a Sarawakian too, about the taste, she said, the taste is almost there. You know what that means? I'm not sure myself, but I reckon she means it is still edible, LOL. perhaps. But yeah, positive comments are received from Kak Sha, Nina and Wanie who tasted it. Probably, it can still be improved, the soup can be made more thicker, perhaps like making sup tulang.  ;)

All and all, I had fun trying it and most importantly, I had fun watching 'em (my besties and housemates) trying it. 

p/s: I do believe in one thing, which i've practiced since my primary school's year:


and I do believe too that to win someone's heart (not necessarily regarding love yeah), is through their tummy.

till then, see ya. If you want the recipe, let me know. hee.. oh yeah, probably the mee kolok I prepared looks a lil bit different because Kak Sha cpuldn't find 'mee sanggul' at the store she bought the ingredients. So, I used another type of noodle, soy sauce dried noodle. (the ones which looks like kuey teow but tastes more chewy.)

"kamek mok ucap good night. buat deng-deng semua"

translation: "I wanna wish good night to all my darlings." LOL. betullah kot.