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Tuesday, December 22, 2009



why?why?why?there's no word could describe my new craziness..naaa..actually,this isn't something novel or new to me..i do love to sing..back in my school years,i did participate in several singing competition,nasyid and bla..bla..bla..i enjoyed singing in the kitchen while preparing meals for my family..i enjoyed singing in my room whenever boredom interferes,i enjoyed singing when my housemates need some entertainment..haha..out of all..i just love to sing..and lately,this proclamation is proven.anyway,what am i trying to this the right word?ok la..whatever it is,i just wanna tell u,my dear followers,im kinda keen towards this karaoke thingy lately..when i went to mahkota parade visiting my cousin..i went for 2 hours karaoke and yesterday..again..i devoted my time there..for?ya..u know the answer..3 hours karaoke..haha..i think it'll get worse..i will not stop this craziness..haha..enjoy..



mIsTa aLeH said...

peh 3jam karoke??
lame gile..
kalo sy da ilang suara da hehe..
tp best karoke hehe ~

effa_dila said...


diyanah said...

oho. xpenah berkarake sbb nyanyi dlm bilik pon org dah ketawa ni lagi nak pegang microfon bagai lupakan sajalah. huhu.

snh said...

nasyid itu indah

effa_dila said...

cramer..haha..rilek kalu suara cam katak pown slambe je nyanyi..for fun je

snh..yeah..i like..